Samsung S8500 Wave – Get On The Samsung Wave And Experience a New World Of Bada And Bluetooth 3.0!

The Samsung S5800 Wave is on innovation and topicality cannot be beat. It sets new standards thanks to the implemented Bluetooth 3.0 and the operating system developed by Samsung bada. You should get onto this wave, because not only the new operating system will be integrated into Samsung S5800 wave for the first time, the Smartphone is equipped with a super AMOLED-touchscreen.


Sounds kinda not really class and lifted, but in fact is the best, what currently on the mobile market of displays is to have. Already the AMOLED technology convinced due to the low energy

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Nokia N900-The Touchscreen Smartphone Runs Google Android Also With Apple’s Mac Os x!

The N900 by Nokia is extremely versatile, at least with regard to the operating system. After it was already last week the developer of Brandon Roberts has managed to install the operating system Google Android, on the N900 that search engine giant managed to bring the operating system of the desktops by Apple on the Touchscreen phone a Finn called Toni Nikkanen now…

The N900 – mobile computer

The Nokia N900 is a cell phone, but somehow, at the same time a portable, mobile computer. Because the operating system maemo 5 of before pointing model Nokia connects the world of a computer with the mobile phone world. The specially designed operating system with Linux-based platform could be used just as well in a computer. Of course it slimmed down a little to run properly and optimized for the mobile world.

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Iphone 4 G-The New Touchscreen Smartphone From The Home Apple Will Come With Hd Display And a4 Processor!

It is really fascinating to watch how much Apple, notably Steve Jobs, repeatedly in the focus back. Is the iPad on features and appearance thanks to the presentation and the market launch across the stage, barely that pervades iPhone 4 G increasingly all blogs on the Internet. The breeding ground of speculation around Apple’s new iPhone is new fed by any rumors. Therefore should the Touchscreen Smartphone clock end with an HD display and a significantly faster processor to be equipped.

Cameras and internal memory

We have already reported on the two camera variants in the Apple iPhone 4 G in our blog. The front-facing camera for video calling done initially as an speculation seeks and finds its way into the new toy from Steve Jobs probably. Because the size of the new smartphones will not how to

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Symbian 3-New Version Of The Operating System Ready In February! Mainly For Nokia Phones!

Symbian 3 should appear according to own statements in February. The release stated Manager by Symbian in the homonymous blog, that until then, the remaining 13 new features are embedded. The new Smartphone operating system to include the 43 new features according to Victor Palau. Internet access should be extremely simplified support of HD videos and multi-page home screens on your mobile or Smartphone.

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Navigons Improvements In The Mobilenavigator Iphone 1.5-Social Networks And Personal Routes

MobileNavigator iPhone 1.5 can make his predecessor in the shade with some remarkable improvements. A software update is an important step as more and more competitors, like E.g. Since short also Google with the nexus one, to develop Smartphones that get more and more on the iPhone. The navigation software for the iPhone is now compatible with social networks and proposes personal routes.

Why is a navigation software compatible with social networks?

The relationship between a device, that one shows the way and platforms through which to communicate with his friends, is not clear at first glance. But the men of the House of NAVIGON were thinking the following:

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Google Nexus One And Google Android 2.1 Use According To Telecommunications Department Google’s New Standards

The Google nexus one and 2.1, to redefine in the longer term its operating system, Google Andriod according to head of the tele agreements unkations Department of Google. The Nikesh Arora active many years at Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile later is now a muckety-muck on Google and assumes that in half a year every Smartphone is a standard of the hotly anticipated Google nexus one will have.

Why should just the Google nexus one and Google Android 2.1 to reinvent the wheel?

If you can believe the words of Nikesh Arora, a fast-paced tempo takes the development of mobile phones and especially the smartphones in the coming months and years. The most modern smartphones now have a performance that matches that of a few years old laptop – considerably, if one even compares the size of the two devices.

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MyPocket 3 G-The Wi-Fi Router To Wireless Web Browsing For Your Pocket

Mypocket 3G-Router can supply with fast UMTS phones and smartphones with slower Internet over the W-LAN network. Whether one is now on the road, at home or with friends, once the MyPocket 3G-Router is switched on, all those who have access to the device, can surf on the Internet. The big advantage is that there is a very high percentage coverage within Europe and at the same time to use the high speed Internet with multiple smartphones.

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What Can Sony Ericsson Xperia x 10 In The Short Test-The Royal Smartphone?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10, the Royal Smartphone is already eagerly expected on the German market. We were the first true iPhone killer ever test and tell you now if the wait is worth it or not.We were particularly tense on the combination of Sony Ericsson s and the Google Android operating system. Equipment side, the Xperia X 10 is definitely very well stocked. We tell you what the control and the processing hergiebt here in the short test.

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Toshiba TG02 And k01 – Slimmer Than These Touchscreen Smartphones With Ghz Processor Isn’t!

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the seventh largest electronics manufacturer Toshiba has unveiled two new smartphones. Special: Both are wafer-thin despite integrated QWERTY keyboard. The Toshiba TG02, successor of the slender TG01 has a 4.1-inch touch screen and a Snapdragon processor with GHz clock rate. The K01 is the thicker before pointing brother with a Touchsreen AMOLED…

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What has Improved on The Apple Iphone Os 3.2? The Operating System For The Apple Ipad Compared

With the iPad, the iPhone OS 3.2 is released. At the presentation by Steve Jobs himself prior to a few days of iPads, it was time for a new operating system of course again. Ofiiziel there will be iPhone OS 3.2 for iPad, it are circulating rumors that some of the benefits can be applied on the iPhone already. As always Apple’s home is the secrecy, but introducing the best improvements in this article.

Without a camera take pictures?

The iPad has no built-in camera, still should it be possible to put a photo for his contacts. How does that work? In General, there are iPhone OS 3.2 to communicate more opportunities with other external devices. So, there is also the possibility to connect a camera, so that you can immediately use fresh photos with the iPad, Especially handy for entries in the address book: so each entry gets the right image quickly. (Who would like to know even more, should look around this time.)

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