Study: So Much Dominate Apple in Denmark

Study notes: each time purchased a smartphone in Denmark, there is a high probability that it has an Apple-shaped logo.

Should there be no doubt about how much the Danes like Apple strikes a new study conducted by the Institute for Sony Denmark the Berent analysis firm: the iPhone is by far the favorite smartphone in the country.

Over a thousand Danes were asked about their current phone brand, to which more than two out of five Danes correspond to their current smartphone is adorned with an Apple logo.

With 42 percent of Danes as iPhone owners, distancing Apple mobile producer number two, three and four-down together. Smartphones from Samsung, Sony and Microsoft are to be found in, respectively, 26, 8 and 6 percent of Danes ‘ pockets.

Further down the Danes’ rangsti you will find brands such as HTC, Huawei and LG each account for 6, 4 and 3 percent of respondents’ mobile phones. Read more

How to Choose a Good Water Bottle

Here are a few tips to help you choose a good water bottle!

  1. Start the definition of quality water bottle still in the process of acquisition. Selected water bottle first thing open and look for the presence of defects – chips, scratches, cracks, dents.
  2. Note the cap and plug. They have to be very tight. It is lost through the tube to 40% of heat. The simpler design plugs and buttons, the less they will release heat to the outside.
  3. Remove the lid and smell the water bottle. A good water bottle will not have any sharp and specific smell. If there is a sharp or strong odor, it should not buy such a product, because it is most likely made of poor quality materials.
  4. Check the O-ring between the neck of the flask and plastic housing. It must be very precisely adjusted and will prevent spillage while swirling the tube, as well as changes in temperature.

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How to Choose a Watch

Time heals all, time is money, whether we think about time, however, the passage of the flow is unavoidable. Time is common to us all and it is worth watching. In today’s hectic world watches are a must. As well as the subject of practical as well as beautiful and still more desirable fashion accessory suitable for women and men of all ages. But how in a number of different types of watches to choose those that fit perfectly both wrists, but also our personality? You can choose according to several criteria.


We distinguish the watch based on mechanical, electromechanical and electronic. The first type, good watch with hands, probably chosen devotees of classic machines. Proponents of modern mechanisms are likely to reach for a watch to time, and any other variables (date, air temperature, etc.) Are displayed in various ways on the screen. Here it is important to realize what mechanism, and thus the possible maintenance of watches prefer.

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TDC Turbocharges 4G Network

TDC is first with wild internet speeds of up to 400 mbps on the mobile network. Most cell phones will not be able to keep up with.

New technology makes TDC able to triple data transfers on the mobile network. The company is upgrading its network to support today Tripple Carrier Aggregation (3CA)-a technology that makes it possible to pull data back from three cell towers at the same time.

The technology also goes under the name of LTE-Advanced, or 4 g +, and will be seen as a little plus sign next to 4 g icon on your smartphone.

So far, however, only pulled on two + 4 g cell towers at the same time, why therefore gives a boost 3CA at up to 50% or the equivalent of network speeds over 400 mbit/sec.
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Vintage Moschino Collection

Jeremy Scott signature pre fall 2014 Moschino collection. A blend of irony, humor and glam.

An important debut marks the pre fall 2014 Moschino collection: that of fashion designer Jeremy Scott. And with him, here is the Moschino talent that focuses on street style. That 80s, to be precise, already subject to a vintage rereading. And the fashion world is unanimous that this collection goes even beyond expectations.

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Designed on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Plus Revealed

Detailed 3D images of Samsung’s next top models, Galaxy S7 and the larger Galaxy S7 Plus variant, is let out months before the launch.

Tradition smoking most information about upcoming smartphones out long before the launch, and it must also be said to apply to the next big bet for Samsung Galaxy models with S7 and Galaxy S7 Plus.

The site GSMArena has got his fingers in a so-called CAD rendering-that is to say, a 3D computer model of the design on the Samsung Galaxy S7 via a company that produces covers and other accessories for smartphones. Read more

Benetton Sports Bra

Benetton sport collection 2016 is the first line of the brand dedicated to fitness which consists of a few basics but essentials, designed to accompany us in any sport, even outdoors.

The experience in making knitwear Benetton, here is a new active lifestyle brand dedicated to Italian collection. It is a line sportswear made entirely with natural fibers and finishing technicians, to ensure the ultimate in performance and practicality: a collection of sweaters, shirts, leggings and shorts for training with style, but also with the confidence of wearing apparel, hypoallergenic and breathable. In short, what it takes for sporty but glamorous lifestyle. Read more

Renee Zellweger Red Carpet Dresses

The best look of Renée Zellweger on the red carpet and not just see often rewarded and coordinated outfits that enhance the silhouette of the actress statuesque, gorgeous successful woman whose most famous character has become a benchmark for a whole generation. Over the last few years Zellweger tried different styles, never hide his passion for fashion: let’s look together its most interesting outfit choices. Read more

Desire Cloud-Your Digital Wish List [TIP]

With the app from Post Denmark, you can now share your desires digital

Most of us probably know the situation, when family or friends ask for a wish list that it’s difficult to shake the right wants out of the sleeve.
In the worst case, you get the same 3 wishes to everyone, so you end up with multiple copies of the same gift.
This Post Denmark trying to remedy, with their app Wish cloud.

Wish the cloud can act as an ordinary old fashioned wishlist where you can create his desires as our site. FIFA16, new headphones and so share we wish list with them, who are asking for it.
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Unisex Clothing

The term “unisex” is applied to the dress was coined in the late sixties to indicate appropriate clothing or designed specifically for men and women. Prior to that, the traditional contextualized way represented a clear demarcation of the sexes through the acknowledgment of gender identity. In short, women wore skirts and men wore trousers. Although historically there have been attempts underway appropriations, the decade that produced the Youth Quake solidified the idea of ​​universal dress.

Jeans and t-shirt, made popular in 1950 by the Hollywood cinema, inaugurated the democratization of clothing. Up to that point, had served as leader of the working class, which meant a certain niveau of society. For the younger generation booming, the seductive charms of young actors like Marlon Brando and James Dean, in combination with the car’s powerful film, converted jeans and T-shirt, not only in fashion trends, but perhaps the first truly unisex items Approved clothes.

Seeds of youth revolution, planted in 1950, in full bloom the following decade. The 1960s was a time of extraordinary change where conventional notions of age, gender and class have been completely redefined. In an environment that encourages experimentation, designers managed to incorporate new definitions of youth and the universality of his work. The idea of ​​unisex, in particular, has gained currency because of its implications for the freedom multiforme. The obvious sense, unisex meant liberation from sex, but more importantly, its association with the future in his repudiation of traditional hierarchies and outdated attitudes are a driving force of fashion.

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