Minimal Brides Dresses

Contrary to popular opinion, the minimalist bride is not a sad bride in any way. She understands that less is more, and applies this maxim to all aspects of her special day. The minimalist bride values ​​small touches, clean color palettes, simple and perfect designs and has designed the wedding day to the last detail, looks cool and fresh. Read more

Glued Dress? Plated Body!

Since 2010 we have been following the trend in the style and format of the skirts and dresses that have been trend, and now is the time of the Midi style. This style of clothing was more adept to our daily life through the bloggers, who used and abused this look on fashion week, and certainly, through our beloved ” Kardashians”, who use and abuse of more midi looks. Read more

5 Ways to Be Chic Using Jeans

Jeans are the most democratic, versatile and timeless part of anyone’s wardrobe.And today is still at the top of the world trend, whatever your style, has a perfect jeans for you. Besides being able to be used on any occasion, it is super comfortable and accompanies you for a long time. Read more

Special Jewelry for a Day Even More Special

Dress, Veil, bouquet, wreath, shoes, hair, makeup. There are so many details to think about one of the most special days in the life of the bride! Another item that should be chosen carefully and is an essential part of the look, are the jewels that she will wear on the big day, we must harmonize with other visual elements. Read more

Male Sunglasses: Personality for the Look

They couldn’t get out of a Look Book. Definitely if the eyes are the mirror of the soul, the sunglasses are masculine personality. Used before the goal of protecting the eyes from the Sun’s rays, the sunglasses are fashion accessories present in international and international shows. Read more

Its Advantages with LED Lighting

You know what is Retrofit? This term is relatively new, and very easy to understand.”Retrofit” is the same as revive, but preserving the unique aspects and adapting the use for more modern facilities. The main objective is to correct problems caused by the weather, especially in very old spaces.  Read more

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