Google Drive Receives Major Update

Google’s cloud service Google drive is now being given a thorough and great update. Download the already today.

Google launched their own cloud service for about half a year ago, and have previously updated functionality in the application.

But now a new and big country to update service that offers a wide range of new functions and features.

Among the new features is that the ability to create folders, upload and move content to folders as well as filter the folder contents. Further news in the update can be seen below.

-Ability to auto-sync content on 3 g networks
-Better Google presentation experience
-Create, respond to and resolve comments in documents
-View and change fonts in documents
-Pinch-to-zoom in documents
-Print files using Google Cloud Print
-Ability to resume interrupted uploads

The update can already be downloaded now here via Google Play.

Update on the Way to Nokia Lumia 610

Nokia customers with a Lumia 610, can begin to look forward to an update of their device.

Nokia is trying to continue to keep its first Windows Phone customers updated with new and improved software, this time it is the turn of Lumia 610.

The update has been announced at Nokia’s developer page, to get out to Lumia 610 continuously, which can mean that it is not available in Denmark yet.

There are several enhancements to be found in the new software, among other things, is camera-speed been heightened, system-speed has been faster and the user experience better.

When one’s device is ready to receive the update, there will be a notification with information about the update, then it is possible to download the software via the Microsoft our site.

Nokia Lumia 920 Can Be Purchased in Denmark from the 14. November

The new top model from Nokia with Windows Phone 8 is ready in the Danish stores in November.

Go you and eagerly awaiting that Nokia Lumia 920 lands in the Danish telecommunications stores, then you should just have a little more patience.

Our site learns from multiple reliable sources in the industry that the new range-topping Lumia 920 from Nokia, comes on the Danish market the 14.November.

This is a year after the first Lumia-model went on sale in the world. Lumia 800 came for for sale in selected countries in november 2011, while we Danes had to wait until the 20th century. January.

The information our site has come into possession of votes also match that Reuters in early September wrote that Lumia 920 came in the latter half of the month of November.

How to Choose Lighting for Living Room

How to choose lighting for the living room?

The living most important of the house is definitely the show. This is where we spend much of his time with family or friends. The lighting of this place of relaxation and convenience is paramount. The salon requires that pays particular attention to lighting. Here are some tips and tricks to help you choose well.

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How to Make a Pass to Passbook in iPhone

TIPS: Apple’s Passbook has been given a share of publicity in the last few days. Our site show you here how you can make your own pass.

You may have seen our test of Passbook on iPhone and thought that it looks funny and exciting out – but enough is very technical to do. But the reality is quite different.

Our site has dabbled with Passbook and created our very own pass. Here we tell how you can test the Passbook and how easy it is to make the various immediately pass.

When you have acquired the new iPhone 5, or downloaded iOS 6, then shows the application Passbook nothing but an image.

The reason is that the Passbook is merely an “Assembly Centre” for various cards. The cards are issued by different shops, clubs and the like. Starbucks in the United States has just updated their iPhone application to support the Passbook.

However, it is not only people in the United States there have been awoke for Passbook – also Danish companies look more closely at the new feature for iPhone.

Here’s how you can make your own pass

Our site has found a website that gives the possibility to make own pass and the procedure is very simple.

On the page, select the type of map that you want to change. Then you fill out the information and press “create”. Once this is done, you just need to add the card to your Passbook.

When you delete your pass, so pay attention to the little details, as Apple has created. The card will actually be run through a shredder when deleting.

You can download one of the pass, which we at our site have created here.


Does Apple Ready to Be Digital Wallet?

Rumor: Apple should have entered into an agreement with an Australian company, which can help them to become digital wallet.

Apple bought the company Authentec this summer, which is a company that specializes in developing technology that recognizes fingerprints. And now they have entered into an agreement with the Australian company, Microlatch, who also works with fingerprints for identification. It writes our site.
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App Developers Will Favor the Android Platform

A new study indicates that app developers prefer Android in the future to be developed applications.

Our site, who with more than five million monthly readers are among the major news sites when it deals with technology, has conducted a survey among application developers.

In the questionnaire, which could only be answered by registered developers, were asked for their current development platform, as well as what they expect to develop for next year. Read more

Best Mascara to Make Eyelashes Look Longer and Thicker

For manga effect lashes it is not necessary to apply false eyelashes, what you need is a mascara that can create the same volumizing and seductive effect.

The mascara has always been the best friend of every woman , with a simple gesture can highlight the eyes giving suffered a bewitching and seductive look. For those who want to overdo it and look for a manga eyelashes effect, it is good to apply specific mascara with volumising special effects that are able to give extra volume and body to the lashes. Here’s to choose from:

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Led Lenser LED Flashlight


Little sister of the M7 Led Lenser M7.2 is a flashlight of only 13.1 cm long including the Cree LED module can provide an impressive output of 400 lumens. Like its big brother, the M M series alludes to programmable microcontrollers that enable intelligent light management. The beam is adjustable in width through its development of the Advanced System (AFS)! This way you can choose to illuminate an entire area, or on the contrary, a specific point!

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