What is an Mummy Sleeping Bag

What is an Mummy sleeping bag? Why should it be a mummy sleeping bag?

The summer season of outdoor travel is approaching its end to. Or plan an outdoor trip in cold regions? The range of sleeping bags is huge. The Mummy sleeping bag is one of the most popular forms of sleeping bag next to the ceiling sleeping bag. This sleeping bag is always preferable to a ceiling sleeping bag, when the outdoor travel in cold regions.

The Mummy form, that is, the closer to the foot shape of the Mummy sleeping bag is cleverly thought out. The less freedom prevails in the sleeping bag, the better it can help protect you from the cold. The narrow part of the foot and the perfect headboard provide additional protection. In some models, which we present to you the following, the zips through so-called bridges are additionally protected.

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What is LED Tube Lighting?

METOLIGHT LED tube lighting is a recent innovation that capitalizes on the benefits of LED technology and the prevalence of existing fluorescent tube fixtures.  In short, LEDs are fixed in a tubular package that fits into existing fluorescent sockets. This is advantageous for a number of reasons, explained below. This article should also help one make an informed decision about the pros and cons of various LED tube lights.

A LED (light emitting diode) is a semiconductor that converts electricity directly into light.

For a given output, it is much more efficient than an incandescent bulb, and up to eighty percent more efficient than a traditional fluorescent tube. Less heat is generated as a byproduct, so the area illuminated stays cooler. The life is an LED is quite long, with 50,000 hours or more being normal.

LEDs are quickly being integrated into packages that allow them to replace existing lighting without the need to change fixtures. The LED tube light offers an alternative to a traditional tubular fluorescent light.

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Telecommunications Company Reveals, When Next Year’s Top Models to Be Launched

A leaked image from phone company T-Mobile in Poland unveils what comes of new smartphones in the course of the first half by 2016.

Telecommunications companies around the world know for good reasons, much more about upcoming products than consumers.

Sometimes it happens, however, that these strictly secret information between manufacturers and telecommunications companies drop out in public, which often reveal information about new products.

This is the case these days, where one image from a presentation from T-Mobile’s Polish branch has come in the wrong hands and reported on to the website Xperiablog. Read more

Baitcast Fishing Reels Reviews

Baitcaster are small multiplier reels, which were developed specifically for the light. Thereby, these fishing reels must comply with specific quality criteria, which are explained in the following.

Relaxed handling

The Baitcast role comes from the classical multi role that is used for fishing large sea fish while towing. Because of the practicality and the immediate contact with the lure when fishing with a multi role, American Angler on whose basis developed a new small and precision model, which was intended for fishing the black perch, which is most prevalent in American waters. That was the birth of the reels role.

Meanwhile, use the Baitcaster also with us is becoming increasingly popular. They are smaller, lighter and more compact than the stationary rollers and popular as a result especially for young anglers. Very convenient, you can hold a Baitcastrolle together with the rod in the Palm of the hand so that fishing for extended periods will remain completely relaxed. Read more

ZTE Nubia Z9 Bordless

Let’s go back again to talk about ZTE smartphone with the new ZTE Nubia Z9, a smartphone not sold directly to Italy from the manufacturer but can offer a truly excellent hardware and in line with all the latest top range 2015. Let’s find out together in the review:

Hardware, Materials and ergonomics:

ZTE Nubia Z9 features processor Snapdragon 810, a 64-bit generation Octa Core based on Cortex-A53/A57 and now fairly widespread at the high end of the Android market. A CPU aided by a graphics card Adreno 430 3 GB of RAM and. The display is a 5.2-inch Full HD, slightly smaller than Z9 Max (5.5. “) and we find integrated expandable memory disk. Read more

Now You Can Share Albums in Google’s Photos App with Other

Google Photos for Android and iOS, which organizes and backs up all your photos online, has become even smarter with shared photo albums.

If you want to share your albums quickly and conveniently with others around you, it may very well be Google Photos app, you should take a look at. A new update to the popular app is released for Android and iOS, as also browser Edition has been updated with the same functionality.

Now you can in just a few seconds select and select the pictures that you want to share with friends and acquaintances. These will have access to it in the same app via a unique link, for example, sent in an SMS message. From here, the “guests” with access to the common album add new images or change or delete own images from there-not someone else’s, which ejermanden of the album, however, can. Read more

How to Buy a Road Bike for Beginners

Cycling competitions such as the Tour de France, many people turn to to buy a road bike. Racing cycles operated during professional competitions are invaluable, but to find an affordable road bike is for everyone. Road bikes characterized cycle is suited for speed and for example for running races. They are very bright and have lots of gear. You are a true bike lovers and want to make you enjoy fast speed, it’s a road bike is an ideal means of transport. A road bike is also called racing bike. A road bike is lightweight, has a lot of speed and can make an enormous speed. Road bikes are designed for cycling. Therefore, it is also advisable to wear a helmet, cyclist and gloves. Even if you ride any bicycle races, but only for the sport will cycle quickly, is to recommend a helmet. A road bike is fast by OA.

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How to Choose a Tablet Computer

Think first about what you will use the device and then look for a model according to the budget and desired characteristics

Until recently, the choice of a tablet computer was the easiest task. The market had a single product which we can trust implicitly – iPad of Apple. However, times have changed and now before us are many options. This makes the choice of tablet significantly more difficult it can be expected that the variety of models will become even greater.

Tablet computers are imposed for a short time on the market, but can not replace laptops in its current form

When you decided to buy a tablet-a compact device with a large touch screen, you need to read a number of factors before you spend a considerable amount of money you could invest in a full notebook computer. Unless you are a sworn fan of Apple, thoroughly research the options available as tablet is a device that will accompany you everywhere and that is why it is important to fit and suit you.

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Study: So Much Dominate Apple in Denmark

Study notes: each time purchased a smartphone in Denmark, there is a high probability that it has an Apple-shaped logo.

Should there be no doubt about how much the Danes like Apple strikes a new study conducted by the Institute for Sony Denmark the Berent analysis firm: the iPhone is by far the favorite smartphone in the country.

Over a thousand Danes were asked about their current phone brand, to which more than two out of five Danes correspond to their current smartphone is adorned with an Apple logo.

With 42 percent of Danes as iPhone owners, distancing Apple mobile producer number two, three and four-down together. Smartphones from Samsung, Sony and Microsoft are to be found in, respectively, 26, 8 and 6 percent of Danes ‘ pockets.

Further down the Danes’ rangsti you will find brands such as HTC, Huawei and LG each account for 6, 4 and 3 percent of respondents’ mobile phones. Read more

How to Choose a Good Water Bottle

Here are a few tips to help you choose a good water bottle!

  1. Start the definition of quality water bottle still in the process of acquisition. Selected water bottle first thing open and look for the presence of defects – chips, scratches, cracks, dents.
  2. Note the cap and plug. They have to be very tight. It is lost through the tube to 40% of heat. The simpler design plugs and buttons, the less they will release heat to the outside.
  3. Remove the lid and smell the water bottle. A good water bottle will not have any sharp and specific smell. If there is a sharp or strong odor, it should not buy such a product, because it is most likely made of poor quality materials.
  4. Check the O-ring between the neck of the flask and plastic housing. It must be very precisely adjusted and will prevent spillage while swirling the tube, as well as changes in temperature.

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