Accomplish Is The New Task Manager That Wants to Become a Great

Increasingly there are more managers of tasks on Android and the truth is that it is very difficult to compete. They are all covered Spectra: complete applications for those who want to carry a GTD letter with a lot of information and easier options for those who want to do not forget the four or five things that have to do every day. There is gap a for more? Of course.

Accomplish It has become one of the latest sensations in Android. It is a simple application but which covers a hole that not all managers have been able to cover: who is gracefully with the calendar and you can see all our to-do as if it were a timeline. Simple, visual and intuitive. Read more

The WhatsApp Backup on Google Drive, a Fudge

We are increasingly close to have backup in the cloud of our conversations of WhatsApp, We have already explained how to do it with the latest beta which you can find on their website. But the solution is not the most optimal.

Yes, maybe come us very well the more techies this option but let us not be mistaken, this is not the best solution for everyone. It is a fudge you need to take action within the WhatsApp options, something that many people will not find. There are better solutions to that and have not taken into account. Read more

The New Beta of Cortana Will Want to Sneak into The Touch Gestures to Remove a Google Now

The competition for Google Now It is good but there is a problem for all those applications that want to gain a foothold: integration into the system. Google has everything very careful to make their services appear always ahead. That Yes, There are also loopholes and that’s where Cortana, among others, you want to strain to make a hole.

If you have a mobile phone with virtual keypad, you know that if you arrastráis the middle button up we can invoke Google Now. It is an option that has been available for some time and a fairly quick shortcut. Well, in the new beta of Cortana, which you can now download, Microsoft wants to that we can change the use of this access to enter his assistant. Read more

How Many Users Are There of Cyanogen? More Than Windows Phone and BlackBerry Together

Cyanogen Since its inception, it was a very popular worldwide Android ROM. What started as a home development has grown to become one of the main versions based on Google’s operating system. It has not only convinced to users but also to manufacturers who use it for mobile phones and tablets which put on sale. To date, it is not any unknown precisely.

Adnan Begovic, owner of the company Cyanogen, has shared some data so that we understand Why is your product one of the most used (with permission of a Xiaomi with MIUI also very strong) in the Android world. There is a compelling reason: its user base is larger than the Windows Phone and BlackBerry together around the world. Read more

The Integration of Google Drive Returns to WhatsApp and Appears a Dark Subject [APK]

WhatsApp carries an astonishing pace of updates since it was acquired by Facebook. It is not to draw checks constantly but it is inevitable that in recent months they have made an effort to renew the interface, meter integration web and voice over IP calls. The last step is something that already had been left between the shadows: Google Drive backups.

Seems that the instant messaging service is very close to introduce this option in your application for Android and in one of the last published inspirational we can see that the function is now available, we can configure it and most importantly: works perfectly. In addition, it hides no surprise that only a few users will see. Read more

WiMan Free WiFi Us Allows Connections from an Android Wear

Sure that all we have done ever: we take the phone, go to the panel of WiFi networks and began to scan praying that there is any open. It does matter if you had few data or were abroad looking for any way to avoid roaming. Is a trick very old as insurance that has brought us a trouble on more than one occasion.

Now, it is not a particularly comfortable process for networks and so there are several dedicated applications to facilitate this task. One of the most complete is WiMan Free WiFi, a veteran who has long been on Android and which is now updated to bring us a partner to catch connections: Android Wear. Read more

Don’t Get Fired Is The Game More Rare, and Fun, I’Ve Tried Lately in Android

I have some weakness for the rare and different games. Once I was hooked to Katamari Damacy and since then the history of oddities that I’ve played has increased. They have at times been mediocre titles but many others have been very pleasant surprises. With Don’t Get Fired, I have found one of the most curious and strange ideas that I’ve seen recently on Android.

As the name suggests, are facing a game where our goal is to avoid that we fired work. Yes, it’s a kind of Simulator occupational fantasy where we will have to go climbing in our company while we avoid that we throw in the process. A rare idea, which at first not hooked but as it progresses it becomes very interesting. Read more

Lip Swap: The a Google Experiment to Combine Photos and Videos Is… Very Disturbing

Google has many applications in Play but in addition to the services that we all know, from time to time removed the sleeve small experiments. Apps to make curious effects that often are mere anecdotes, or other times give the jump to other services. Are not much promoted but sometimes they have some very curious as Lip Swap.

Although his name may indicate that it is an application for sharing lips, it is possible to use, the truth is that it offers more possibilities already mostly in Lip Swap it pivots on the combination of pictures and videos to create scenes of all kinds. I have been testing it and with a little practice you can get interesting things. Read more

The Launcher of HydrogenOS Arrives at Our Android Thanks to The Community of Users

OnePlus has a ROM designed for China: HydrogenOS. You talk about it and how in some communities they had already managed to test it on their phones and discover that in some aspects it was more competent than OxygenOS, version that is distributed all over the world.

When we talk about Android versions by other manufacturers always there is an element that causes much attraction: the launchers. The way in which are shown the apps and widgets on the desktop. A part which is also usually easy to replicate in other devices and HydrogenOS has not has resisted. We can already prove its launcher in any mobile. Read more

Here Updated Their Maps from around The World for IOS, Windows and Android

Already announced his future away from Nokia, the boys of Here looks like they are going to continue working at the same pace, but now in the hands of those who possibly are three Germany largest car manufacturers: BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

For those who don’t know Here, it is of the mapping service launched by Nokia, direct competition for Google Maps which won several whole thanks to agreements with Samsung and other manufacturers to include series, for example, in the Korean manufacturer Gear clocks. Read more

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