Wedding Hairstyles Bun Updo

Classic, sophisticated, soft or geometrical: the chigon is beloved by brides because it versatile and very chic. It highlights the neck and the veil giving a poise and a princely style.
He leaves the face uncovered and is a great point to secure the veil. If you decide to opt for this hairstyle I recommend you begin treating your hair with specific products and agreeing with the hairdresser monthly interventions to stretch your hair perfectly. We will also take a few trials a month before the wedding to decide the style of your hairstyle. I recommend you do not improvise the morning of the wedding: you risk bad results and subsequent nervous breakdown. Read more

Red Carpet Wedding Hairstyles

Usually brides, in seeking inspiration for their hairstyles, combing the web and hunting magazines for inspiration. They really are so many proposals, to copy and adapt, but today I want to advise you to also take a look at the most famous red carpet, where the star feature gorgeous hairstyles that will be perfect for a glamorous and modern bride. I propose quiandi some pictures taken from the red carpet of the Golden Globes 2010: the photographed actresses all have different styles and you too will surely find what suits you. Read more

Romantic Hairstyles for Wedding

Let’s talk about hairstyles and in particular of romantic hairstyles for brides modern: the girls who marry in fact want to feel a little ‘princesses and very special. Personally I’ve never liked too the geometric hairstyles and “pull.” Much better than the natural, collected as soft as those chosen by the celebrities on the red carpet. If you look for inspiration for your wedding hairstyle fact, take a look at the photographs of the beautiful to the most important events could be a great help. Remember, however, that to achieve a harvest soft and complete it will take quite long hair. Read more

Summer Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Are you ready to learn about the new wedding hairstyles? As we said in the choice of the look, there are no precise rules: trendsetter what you do gives, that you know carry with ease. That’s why some time ago I showed you some collected by Red Carpet, worn by famous divas chic occasions. Here you will find a collection of typical wedding hairstyles with something new in terms of decoration. Some are really new, young or youthful, suitable for a simple woman but pays attention to every detail. Read more

Wedding Hairstyles Half up with Headband

Among the accessories for the bride, great attention has always been reserved for them by the hair. Clearly beyond the traditional veil, here appearing circles and groups of all kinds on the heads of young brides. The rage then, wearing the veil for the ceremony in the Church and take it off for receipt, replacing it with a precious circle or a fashionable belt . These little marvels come to svariante also cost hundreds of Euros and are a real craze for younger brides. Satin, crystals, flowers and ribbons: ye can find all types and all kinds, of course, always to match with your gown. Read more

Bridal Hairstyles Step-By-Step Instructions

Today we talk about a subject that is very dear to brides: which hairstyle you choose for your big day? It ‘a thorny problem because, in addition to the aesthetic side, you will also need to be very attentive to the comfort hairstyle that you will take many hours. Whether you have long or short hair, the first thing you have to consider is the type of dress chosen. Once you have found the dress of your dreams, go by your hairdresser for a trial: describing the head to the last detail, he will certainly be able to make you some tips to be beautiful. Read more

Most Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles

The hairstyles for brides are really a lot, but every woman will have to find the perfect one for her big day. How to do? First you choose the wedding dress: only in this way can in fact start thinking even hairstyle, which will follow the style of dress. With a classic and elegant dress, perfect a simple chignon, while for a more retro look and even bohemian hairstyle will be soft and a bit ‘more rebellious. How about? If you are looking for inspiration check out our gallery you will find photos of the most beautiful wedding hairstyles, also of VIPs! Read more

Bridal Hairstyles for Natural Curly Hair

In 2012 wedding hairstyles hair wins undoubtedly the natural style, chic and elegant and perfect for brides today. This means no rigid hairstyles and too linear, but locks falling freely, and big comeback in recent months, even the loose hair worn simply with the flowers on his head or the veil. How about? Personally I think this is the winning choice but of course everything will depend on your clothes. A dress in chiffon, soft and ethereal, it will be perfect with a hairstyle like that. Read more

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